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The location of ceiling lighting plays an important role in illuminating a room properly. One also needs to consider the fact that the arrangements of the lamps should be such that they spread light evenly across the room. However, there are cases when standard rules do not apply for example in the studio of a web designing agency. Arranging the layout of the lamps properly ensures that they do not cast shadows on the drafting tables of artists.

Extra information about ceiling lighting

Use soft and soothing

Apart from this, the lights should be soft and soothing and should not focus directly on the computer screen. This can lead to light reflecting from the screen, causing problems for the designer. Most modern generation liquid display screens have an anti glare film on its surface. It is preferable to use lamps that emit natural light. This allows the artists to view the colour on the screen properly. The best way to overcome all problems is to arrange the tables and computers and then plan the installation of the ceiling lighting.

Balancing the illumination

On the one hand, a direct glare from a high powered lamp, located directly behind the monitor can strain the eye of the designer. It can result in shadows on the graphic tablet used by most designers and on their computer's keyboard too. On the other, insufficient illumination causes the artist to strain their eyes, leading to eye fatigue. On a typical basis, the ambient lighting in a web designing studio, should be about 50 percent less than that in typically in other offices. Placing the lamp fittings by the side of the computer is better than placing them in front or behind it.

Advantage spot lamps

If necessary, use low intensity spot lamps directly over the keyboard. This provides sufficient light to the operator and does not lead to reflections on the computer's screen. It is a wise idea to put drapes on windows to prevent sunlight from entering the room. The best way to determine if the intensity of the ceiling lighting is appropriate is to view at it for a minute or so, and then read text on the monitor. The illumination should be such that it provides sufficient lighting to the designers without straining their eye. Opting for light emitting diode bulbs that have a frosted cover is excellent for such situations. They provide more illumination per wattage consumed, providing your designers with enough light and cutting down on your power bills as well.


While ceiling lighting play an important role, you should also replace CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors with LCD ones as the former is a major cause or eye strain. This leads to lack of concentration and hampers the productivity of the designer. You should also install lamps that provide a light spectrum that is as close to natural light as possible. This prevents colour related problems while designing a website. If you still have any doubts, get in touch with a professional interior decorator and seek his help in arranging the ceiling lighting of your web designing studio.